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Game over Songtext
von Remady

[Intro: Remedy]
Ah, Rem-D (uh-huh, uh-huh)
20-02, (yeah, yeah), comin' for you
One, two, one, two, suckas, lil' fuckas
You know it, nothin' man, for nothin' man, he's back

[Chorus: Remedy]
Here we comin', best start runnin'
Cuz we're gunnin' for the number one
Position, better listen
If you don't you just might end up missin'
Suckas, muthafuckas, all this actin' their rappin'
All this lyin', all this stealin'
All this robbin' and these dealings
Go see the deacon, see you in the street and
Catch a beatin', watch your head start leakin'
Action, more than a fraction
Bet when we touchdown, yo, you know we're packin'
Greet you, nice to meet you
Then we beat you as we slowly defeat you
See ya, nice to know ya
Overthrow ya, then that's it, Game Over

20-02, let me Remedy you
And show y'all muthafuckas what y'all supposed to do
You can bounce to this, smoke an ounce to this
Strip butt naked, run around the house to this
It's the R to the E-M, raise ya fist
Wit the E-D-Y, gorilla in the mist
And I came wit three guns, for me and my two sons
If you don't show face, I'mma take ya place
Nothin' seems real, that's just how I feel
And I treat every deal like that's my last meal
Free sticks and zynecs and watch me dance
Wanna fuck wit the devil, come take your chance
The dope in this, great white hope in this
Soloist, vocalist, dolo-ist, mobilist, long pull mogulist
Rage of full chauvinist, who the Wu specialist?
Six million megabits, lyrical perfectionist


[Outro: Remedy]
Rem-D, 20-02
Uh, 20-02, let me Remedy you
You know?
Pietro Lombardi äußert sich zur Trennung
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Pietro Lombardi äußert sich zur Trennung
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Wayne Carpendale musste einfach weg

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Remady - Game over
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