Let Me Go Lyrics


Ray Parker Jr. - Let Me Go Songtext

We've been goin out for awhile now baby
We've had some good times and some hard times too
But now I've reached that point in my life
Where I need more of a commitment from you
You've had me on hold for so very long
Make up your mind baby
Don't keep me hangin on

If you're not sure that you want me
Let me go
Come on and do right by me baby
And if you're not sure that you need me
Let me go oh

I'm not the kinda man
You can just keep for your pleasure
You've gotta really want
For us to stay together yea
It's not fair to keep me hangin on
For another year or two
Make up your mind right now
And decide what you wanna do

Now I know when a woman gets in her twenties
She starts to feel like she's runnin out of time
Nine times out of ten she's correct
If she assumes, yea, that marriage
Is the last thing on a man's mind
But now the table's turned
The shoe is on the other foot
I know what I want
But you still wanna look
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Album The Other Woman (1982)

Ray Parker Jr.
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