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Where was I when the first man appeared and the first word was said?*
He fear, the thought, the sound...
Something unseen or some kind of flying serpent.
A forest beast and a nameless spirit, an uncontrollable energy.
I followed man all the path, the long road of history.
Transforming, shapechanging shadow. I was many.
The hidden, but more evident than a ray of light sometimes.
Reflection of great kings, the cradle of myths.
Nobody could tell what I was, as well as nobody knows it now.
Today I am prayed and worshiped, I am the holy great one.
The Almost United One!
But what will I be when the Human will not be?
Heidi Klum: So steht Leni zu ihren knappen Outfits
Vor 2 Tagen
Heidi Klum: So steht Leni zu ihren knappen Outfits
Aurora Ramazzotti: Sie ist schwanger!
Vor 2 Tagen
Aurora Ramazzotti: Sie ist schwanger!

Album A Stellar Kingdom (2008)

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    Towards Eternal Glory
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    Za Den' Gryaduschiy! (For the Forthcoming Day!)
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    Skvoz' Veka (Through the Ages)
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    Mental Entropy
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    Twilight Sun
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