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Sound of Everything Songtext

I heard that danger comes from high above.
We heard the deafening sound of hate and love.
I heard that trouble comes from deep within.
We only heard the sound of everything.
I saw the bright light of the sun.
We saw the many different shapes as one.
I saw the white snow turn to dust.
We saw a different ove of love and trust.

I heard that music came from out of space.
We had it cast upon the human race.
I heard the future from afar.
We heard the past, from a distant star.
I saw the patterns in the sky.
We saw our only chance passing by.
I saw the people change to cope.
We saw a distant space of love and hope.

I felt a feeling from way up there.
We felt vibrations, the basic snare.
I felt the tender touch of the sun.
We felt the many planets spinning round.
I saw the shadows blow and shine.
We saw the silent passing of our time.

I saw the world change to greed.
We rode a boat through heavy seas.
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Frederick Waite Jr. verstorben
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Boris Becker: Gerichtstermin in Pocher-Klage angesetzt

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Quantic - Sound of Everything
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