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Diamond in the Ruff Lyrics

Back when breakfast was a bag of chips
Between mom and dad, the sadest trips
A young man who had a wish, to have a platinum disc
My parents gave life, the streets gave a family
And with the damage in my life, the streets saved my sanity
Was in a room where the dog would shit and piss is where we slept
And soon it was all hit or miss and unfair regrets
No one ever gave a helping hand or ever showed remorse
And dear ol' dad left us with a tab, we had to pay the cost
Of course there wasn't any helping relatives to lend
A hand or a plate of food
We broke and they like q stay in school
Couldn't play the rules, had to find another way
So while my brother played, i strayed away to get a "j"
And brighten mothers day
I brought the storm cause i was born and raised in ignorance
And with an alkoholic step dad, who gives a shit
In the end it all boils down to one thing
Q-unique the diamond in the ruff, now watch the son bling

[Hook: 2x's]
These... streets test ya, q-unique under deep pressure
Wisdom speaks, who needs a lecture
My soul dark coal, compressed and skuffed
I guess strivin aint enough for the diamond in the ruff

2nd verse:
Now i know lots of people in high places
But that doesn't equal my career spotted in the right spaces
I talk it up with legends and laugh it up with favorites
The momment passes up and then i gotta hit the pavement
No man's responsible for another man's path
But in other camps i see other man's increasin' other man's math
A question of loyalty or a question of greed
And if i question the authority they won't let q lead
Cats hold on to they spots like a niga's gonna rob
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Album Vengeance Is Mine (2004)

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