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Going Down Songtext
von Pusch

You make us sit alone
Waiting by the phone
Nervous bout the bone
I'm talking to myself
I'm playing with myself
I gotta get away forever

Well, it may be fun
I'll try not to throw my life away

I surely gotta go
My jeans are on the floor
I'm waiting for your call
I've got to get away
And right this thing today
My life is gonna change forever

I'm going down in flames
I'll never be the same
I'll try not to complain forever
Of all the things you've done
You're the only one
Who always makes me cum forever

You're everything I've got
My toungue is tied in knots
I wanna see you laugh forever
I gotta get away
Where I can be free
My life is gonna change forever

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Pusch - Going Down
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