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Problem melden
Intro: Punchline
We gonna get it crunk, lets take the [I-95] all the way down
Yo, we takin it there [bounce with me]
[All niggas bounce with me]
[All bitches bounce with me] We takin it there
[All niggas bounce with me] We takin it there
[All the money-getters, bounce with me]
[All the paper-getters, bounce with me]We takin it there
[One time] We takin it there [One time]

We got no time for game
Everybody actin strange
Clear way when I enter the lane
Simple and plain
Someone tried to twist your brain
Track on snakes with fortune and fame
Impress pain
Pull out gats and stay back
Me and Kirk gotta come here to change rap
See your jewels and crowns, we take that
And if you ever try to position you lay flat
Peep the case
Me and Words on a paper chase
Bone hoes with expensive taste
Slow down baby and keep the pace
Videotape so they don't scream rape
But just in case, know what your wifes about
May have another nigga's dick in her mouth
And probably got another nigga diggin her out
And probably got another nigga up in your house
Doin you wrong
Nigga all up in her thong
Takin your taste, bootlegging your song
I'm goin all out till the break of dawn
Punchline in the end, till the death its on

Always on my mind
You drive me crazy
I'll do anything for you
You know I love you babe
One more chance from you
Flipped it around
I'm goin down
You know I love you babe

First off, let Words get a verse off
Scurried off when I squirt and I'm turned off
Its her loss, just calories I burned off
????? is a punk and he jerks off
Smirfnoff and the herb got them worst off
Hear my song, see my videos, it turns off
Gettin ready for your first loss
From birth to the hearse to the dirt with a church cross
Laid up in the shoes and tubs
You the man, thats news to us
Never thought you'd lose to us
Thats what happens when you snoozin us
Lights out, doors locked, try to cruise on us
Who to trust
Got your eyes glued to us
In the state, better get used to us
Got these dreams of movin up
Y'all stuck on booze and who to fuck
Gotta watch for the jealous cats
Cut a deal, tell the cops where your fellas at
Then you wonder how them niggas always fell in traps
Don't know, phone home and the cell is tapped
Smell a rat
Give a chick all your shit, nigga hell with that
With that bitch all your shit, better sell it back
Can't believe that stupid nigga, how you fell for that
You in love with her, I know you didn't tell her that
Got chicks that'll get in your place
Sit in your face
Wait till you break then get in your safe
Next outta state
Just bring me your ?????
Creeped on that chick, gotta get in case
Another player lookin for a nigga to hate
Vexed now, lookin for a nigga to waste
Crank calls only taken about a minute to tres
Your life and less than a minute to race

Chorus (2x)

Me and I got the hang of this
Next year overseas, three songs, different languages
In the game that my name exists
Still hang with the niggas that I grew up and I came in with
Had to seperate pain from bliss
Make sure when you aim, don't miss
You perform first, we the main event
Mics and chick and checks how a laser spins

Never the less, hey I
Stay high, off dope beats and rhymes
You really wanna blow but its not the time
Wanna force in the car but its not your ride
Cost to shine
Cost to live
Your girl hit the next nigga while you're doin the biz
And even told the nigga where the money is hid
Punchline, Wordsworth; we ain't new to shit

Chorus (4x)
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Punchline and Wordsworth - I-95
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