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I'm so tough.
Oh, she's too tough.
Come off so wicked in that
Wet leather stuff.
I'm so strong.
Get a shot of these arms.
Weight-lifting wizard
A competition for king kong.
She walks on by me,
And all the muscle got sucked down.
She's so quick.
Full electric.
Puts me on tilt with those
Hip-hugging slips.
I'm not her man,
And i'll never pretend.
I ain't no one way lover.
One way never ends
The road to my life.
And it's long and hard.
She left me nine times.
I feel my body breaking up!
Give me something to squeeze.
A beautiful disease.
I ain't no lightweight, but she
Put me on my knees.
She's cool cat.
My cool new cat.
I give it to her,
And i'll never get it back.
I told her always.
I watch her lips part.
She got a hold of my heart.
Suck it down, suck it up!
So tough!
Oh slave!
I feel i'm in the movies here,
Sitting in for the star.
She knows what she's doing, I swear i'd
Never play this part.
She's turning me to ruins here
I thought I was such a rock.
Oh slave!
(so tough!) I thought she'd save me,
(so tough!) but she enslaved me.
(oh slave!) I drank her curse.
(oh slave!) I got it first.
So tough! oh slave!
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Günther Jauch: Es geht ihm gut!
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Prick - Tough
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