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Pretty Maids - Face Me Songtext

You slag my name
Insult my crowd
You ruin my day
You count me out
You criticize
Antagonize me
You question me
And my integrity

Now tell me, who are you to judge
If I am out of time, and out of touch
Now anytime, you pick the place
And I'll be there

Come out and face me
You piece of trash
You son of a bitch
Let's take a bout
Come out and face me
I'll kick your ass
And split your lips
I'll punch you out; I'll knock you down

You doubt my skills
Well, let me tell you
I despise your stilted
Intellect, oh yeah
And then again
I'd rather go to hell
Than ride the trend
And prostitute myself

I know the nature of your kind
Is it the envy deep inside
Or just the fact that I survived
If it is so:


Trendrider, can you show the way
I'd try to be hip for one day
And gone tomorrow
You build me up and tear me down
You change the things I say around
You're telling lies, you scumbag

Now tell me what
Gives you the right
I hate your guts
You goddamned parasite
And no one gives a fuck
Of what you think, about who you are
Your opinion sucks, tabloid super star
Every word you wrote just to hurt me
I'll shove 'em down your throat, you little piece of shit

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