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Problem melden

Dreamed about you Songtext

In gentle waves of the luck I felt infinite widths which we in veiled
Veils bereisten

We saw the stars so near...

One could stroke it.

Hand in hand we went then... on the Milky Way along...

Without words.... the mystische strength pulled itself

Without thoughts... we lived into this moment in love...

Without strength and attraction..... we enjoyed that moment.

The next goal let goddess of the love travel us to the Venus
Euphemistically to cloud layers....

It showed us a beautiful light arm in arm purged we to it

Did not know as long we were still there

As I awaked saw I on the place where you as the latter lay

Tears my eyes filled because I you into this moment improbably

You me no more does not want. You me alone left here to
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Philipp Michalek - Dreamed about you
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