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During World War Two
A group of soldiers had been on a lone patrol
They arrived in a small town called Casino
The next day being Sunday, some of the boys went to church
After the pardry had read the prayer, the text was taken out
The soldiers who had prayer books took them out
But one soldier, a young private, produced a deck of cards
And he spread them out in front of him
The sergeant in charge saw the cards, and said
“Soldier put away those cards”
After the service the soldier was put under arrest
And brought before the commanding officer

The C'O' said “Sergeant why have you brought this man here?
“For playing cards in church Sir”
The officer looked at the soldier and said
“I hope you have an explanation. If you havn't you'll be in trouble
“Now what have you got to say” and the soldier said.

Sir I've been on the march for six days
I had no bible and no prayer book, but I have these cards.
You see Sir, when I look at the Ace, it reminds me of, but there is one God
When I look at the Duce, it reminds me that the bible
Is divided into two parts, The Old and the New Testament,
When is see the Trey, I think of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost.
Then I see the Four, I think of the Four Disciples who preach the gospel,
They were Matthew, Mark, Luke, John.
The Five reminds me of the Five wise Virgins, who trim their lamps,
Five were wise and five were saved, Five were foolish and shut out.
When I see the Six, it reminds me of, I Six days God made Heaven and Earth,
And the Seven brings to mind that on the Seventh day, he rested
Then I see the Eight, I think of the Righteous persons that God saved when he
Destroyed the Earth. There was Noah, his wife, their Three sons and their wives
When I see the Nine, I think of the Lepers that our Saviour cleaned,
And Nine of the Ten didn't even thank him
When I see the Ten, I think of the Ten Commandments that God
Handed to Moses on the table of stone.
The King reminds me that, once again that there is,
But one King in Heaven. God Almighty.
The Queen, I think of the blessed virgin Mary, who is the Queen of Heaven.
And the Jack or Nave who is the Devil.
When I count the number of spots on a deck of cards,
I find 365, the number of days in a Year,
There are 52 cards, the number of weeks in a Year
There are 4 suits, the number of weeks in a Month,
And there are 12 picture cards, the number of Months in a Year
So you see Sir!, my deck of cards have served me as a bible, An Almanac and a prayer book.
And the charge against the soldier were dismissed
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