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Ivory man Songtext

Ivory Man, listen to the words I say
Ivory Man, time has come there's no delay
Do what you can, change the course of history
We have a plan, if they're not too blind to see

That they're headed for destruction
The human race has gone astray
Full of lust and greed and hatred and lies
Cryin' out, cryin' out
You must try, to ease the pain in their eyes
You must try, you must try
To find the answer for them, that loving is no mystery
Try, to give our wisdom to them
Show them the way to join hand in hand, start over again
Show them that they can be free - yeah

Ivory Man, you can be the key of life
Ivory Man, enlightening their darkest night
Work with our hand, stop a third and final war
Warning the land, disaster is behind the door
It's a shadow that's approaching
Like a dragon which has spread its wings
You must leave before the start of its fire
Speak the word, bring the sign
For if you succeed, they will have peace
For all time, for all time
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Peter Hofmann - Ivory man
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