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My Darling Clementine Songtext

My darling Clementine, you know I love you
My darling Clementine, you know I do
And you know I'm always thinking of you
And I wonder why

I'm lost in the wonderland around you

I bless and curse the day I found you

But you're always welcome here
I'll keep love handy
I'll keep it near
And I'll take note of all of your witty riposts
Famous quotes
When I say I care
Well, I really mean it

She's got the money
And she, she's moving on
She's thinking on, she's thinking on
All the good advice, because there's always good advice

The man with the golden arm rarely deals a joker
He kept to her side just for you
You've burned your fingers in the fire

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Nicole Scherzinger: Neue Musik
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Nicole Scherzinger: Neue Musik

Album Acousticlullaby (Skag & Bone mix)

Peter Doherty
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Peter Doherty - My Darling Clementine
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