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Sun Fun Baby Songtext

Chor: Boogie woogie - looky looky Gooyd goody - bang bang baby Licky licky - happy happy Lucky lucky - sun fun baby
Refrain: She's a wham bam, she's a jam gang She's a gogo, she's a bang bang, baby Wham bam, she's a boom boom She's a cin cin, she's a sun fun baby Sun fun baby
I'm chilling in the shade Refresh me lemonade So I can freak around And do my party sound Wanna see you glow Turn up my radio
I'm surfing cause I'm brave I've got to catch my wave I am like waterproof Believe me that's the truth Come on now here we go Check out my radio
I cruise to Malibu Pick up my baby boo To hang out on my beach It's not so far to reach With my cabrio Turn on my radio
I sit down in the sand I should work but I can't Cause many boys and girls From all over the world They're standing in a row In front of my radio
Refrain 3 x
Céline Dion: Große Vorfreude auf ihr Bühnen-Comeback
Vor 2 Tagen
Céline Dion: Große Vorfreude auf ihr Bühnen-Comeback
Passion Fruit - Sun Fun Baby
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