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King Kong in Hongkong Lyrics

King Kong in Hongkong

I flew to Hongkong for some buisness in june
Caught the train from the airport
Taking me to kowoloon
Checked in my hotel and went up to my room
The cleaners told me: "come back afternoon"
So I walked out and joined the mass on the street
Noticed someone begging in the corner bared feed
Bought him a sandwhich with some coffee and cream
Smiling this is what he said to me:

You make me feel like King Kong in Hongkong (4 x)

King Kong...

Went to the habour got myself on a boat
The waves were bursting up and down but somehow we'd float
I joined a group of tourists lined up like ducks
Taking pictures of a buddha by the docks
Me and my band we had a gig that night
We were jamming during soundcheck tryin' to get this song right
A sold out venue filled with asians and whites
Lights went off that's when I sang into the mic


I got back on the train, bye bye baby, bye bye baby now
Left Hongkong not the same I learned from the wise man
I got back on the plane, bye bye baby, bye bye baby now,
Left Hongkong not the same I learned from the wise man
Don't buy into fame

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