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Show And Tell

Yeah, Bob. That should do it.

Who was on the phone so early in the morning?

Our friend Bob. He wanted to know the best way to pretend he's sick.

How come?

First grade. he can't take the pressure.

It's Sunday night and tomorrow is that day
I'll sit down in the circle
And Miss Cunningham will say...
"Who's brought something special,
Who would like to share?"
I'd rather eat raw spinach than be there!

Show and Tell, I just can't take it
Show and Tell, I'll never make it
Everybody brings such interesting things
But not me

Show and Tell, I'm gonna flunk it!
Show and Tell, I've always stunk at
Finding something cool
To show the other kids at school

Like Jennifer brought a sea shell
Jessica showed her snake
Justin brought his new little brother
A real live baby, give me a break!
Nicholas had a fossil
And Natalie had a skull
I looked on my shelf and said to myself
"Dull, dull, dull!"

Show and Tell, the others love it
He gets hives, just thinking of it
Anything I choose
Is sure to be a total snooze

Once I brought a marble,
A really pretty marble
The kids said "Look...a marble..."
I thought I was gonna die

A Show and Tell day victim
But Mondays, now, I've licked them
I stand on two feet and tell a complete
Lie, lie, lie!

Like Show and Tell-oops, I forgot mine!
Show and Tell-a hunter shot mine!
Lost it on the way-Is it Show and Tell
Today? Ahh gee!

Show and Tell-a freight train hit mine!
Show and Tell-a pitbull bit mine!
Had it in my hand-I just don't
Understand, where did it go?

Show and Tell-has lit a fire
In the heart of this little liar-I didn't know
It could fly, Mrs. Cunningham, really!
Show and Tell-my brother ate it!
Show and Tell-my dog peed on it?

Show and Tell-turns out I was allergic to it
And I got this rash and I couldn't breathe
And my mother said
"Drop that thing before it kills you"

Show and Tell
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