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The Day I Return Songtext

I can't believe, the hell that has taken my life.
Stripped me away, from every hope and dream.
Countless days, for a thousand years,
In a cold and lonely place,
I right the wrongs.
On solid ground, and a mind now clear,
It all seems to have left me,
Forever wanting no more.
Picking up the shards,
Of my broken life and placing each piece in perfect harmony.
This is the day,
The day I return,
To claim my victory,
And laugh in man's face.
To once again take a breath,
And not fight back a single tear.
To hold my head up high,
And unveil my pride once again.
To live a life of normal days,
And sleep an entire night.
Nothing but pain will rest on my mind.
Never forgetting the smile she gave.
Spending my days, thinking of you, knowing
That we will be one again.
Return to me.
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November Doom - The Day I Return
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