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1. Intro

2. Parasoul

Give me your hand, help me to stand
Show me the way into your land
Burn all the bricks, smash stones and sticks
To build the castle we belong
I want you to know, that you are my one and only help

Seems to be good, preparing the wood
Building a home, where we once stood
Watching it grow, I want you to show
That we can be free, and just we two know

Plant our own tree, that they all can see
That we can do it on our own
Collecting the tools, make our own rules
To show them all where we belong

You can ignore all the laughter and the pain
That our ground is still not plain,
We don't need a helping hand,
You can be shure
We don't build our home on sand

3. Metal Inc.

Will You fight with us forever ? Yes, we wanna do !!!
You believe that we are better ? Hell, we're shure it's true !!!
Go let's burn some wimps and posers, metal is the law !
Rules of steel are maid forever, you wimps can leave the hall !

Take the six-pack or the milk-shake ! Six-pack, here we are !!!
Leave at twelve or stay forever ! Let's hide behind the bar !!!

Acceleration is salvation, you don't need a brake
Leave the parachute behind, man, and the ground will shake !

Friday night, you stay at home, television on
The soaps are cool tonight, you're having lot's of fun !
Buil you're live on solid ground, do not make one sound
In routine you can trust, the world turns much too fast.

For you, but not for me
And never will I see one wasted day in my live
Choose your side for good !!!

Acceleration is the law, the force is in the hall !
Will you fight with us forever ? Yes, we wanna do !!!

4. Random

There's a place for you an no one knows it's name
You give up searching, and you are really not to blame
It's where the power burns and never fades away
Where you're the strongest, you know what you've got to say

Close your eyes and drift away
Follow me and I will show you my own way
How to open up that door, that one that is inside of you

When I go down, I close my eyes
It's time for you to burn and blow away the pieces
Building up a fortress banning lies
When I go down, I close my eyes
And I know that there's a place somewhere inside me
The place in which I'm finally at home

Let your bombs explode and execute your fear
Don't care ?bout nothing, but do just what you feel
All the problems and the worries of the past
Unnecessary, ?cause no one cares about at last

5. Turning Around

Lonely baby come and stay with me tonight!
You're as sweet as apple pie
Mr. DJ, play that boygroup from TV
Genuine heroes never die

But from a statue to a ball the girl mutates
An our heroes, they are beaten by the age

It turns around, turns without a sound
Crumble and compound, you stand on unknown ground
Around, the chicken and the sound
The planet hits the ground, and all it turns around

Take a nip and we will hit the sky today
Forever cool that is the rule
You're the king who holds the power in his hand
Before you slip and kiss the ground

Maybe it would be kind from me to help you up
But now it's time for me to change my friend, good luck!

It turns around, turns without a sound
Crumble and compound, life won't wait for all

Hello! Welcome to the show!
We change something now: Kazoo here we go!!!

6. Baba

Check that special offer now
Check their yellow colour
Straight out of jungle now
Brought with ships and plains from the whole world

Bababa, Banana

Yum, so healthy and so fresh
Don't bring us cheques, we only accept cash
The price smash's you to the ground
Only 1.50 for the whole pound

Bababa, Banana

7. F.Y.

Let's dance in style, let's dance for a while
Heaven can wait, we're only watching the skies
Hoping the best, but excepting the worst
Are they gonna drop the bomb or not?

Can you imagine when this race is won
Turn our golden faces in the sun
Praising our leaders, we're getting in tune
The music's played by the madmen

Forever young, I want to be forever young
Do you really want to live forever ? forever young

Some are like water, some are like that heat
Some are the melody and some are the beat
Sooner or later they all will be gone
Why can't they stay forever young?

So many adventures couldn't happen today
So many songs we forgot to play
So many dreams swinging out of the blue
We'll let them come true

8. Uncle Bob

When I got some pennies in this sarcastic hole
Then I wonder who's done that for me
Then I'm scared of life and nothing is teaching me
Then I think I seldom got some time

Anytime you're feeling right
Anywhere you start to fight
Please do everything you wanna do
?Cause there is no time when ?

? You will join to some degree, a group of people you will see
That you won't join the uncle Bob
And your control is leaving you, and no one's there
Who talks ?bout you
?Cause you believed in uncle Bob, good night!

When I look into some eyes who joined as well
I see merely a person with an heart
Beaten up by anyone who is there
I feel a perfect hole of modern reality

9. Horz Porz Memories

Strange was the night, and I laughed very bright
The sun is rising and I'm lonely, what has happen?
Beautiful land, bottle wine in my hand
Part of the ocean, drinking in the sand. What?

Wine in the sand, every day is weekend
Nips of your memories you'll miss my friend, you'll miss it.
Wine in the sand, and you accept no end
Just raise your bottle, enter paradise, what a taste, yeah!

Greatness is mine, I can't walk on a line
But this harmonic taste in my brain must be a sign
Everything is fine till I've got enough wine
I've got no trouble and that's good!
What, we worry?

Win in the sand, everyday is weekend
Your horz porz memories will be your friend
They'll stay forever
Wine in the sand, and you accept no end
So keep your horz porz memories 'till the end.

Horz porz memories are coming to my mind!!!

N.: Horz Porz (fam.) ? (Something that kicks ass)

10. Moshus

Shit, it sucks a little bit, all the doors are shut
And all I want is quit!
Now the fog is creeping in, there's the first green face
Not of human race
Lips, wet and everywhere, they are sucking from behind
My eyes they want to find

Now I feel the pain, now I see John Wayne
Pushing bullets in, six holes in my skin

The nightmare goes, there is no chance to do one thing
It's going on and on and never will I win this battle, no
Waking up it seemed so easy once to me
Those times are gone for good and never will I see the end of it

Shit, I thought I was awake, but why do I have eight
Arms and two heads more
Now, my friend, it is enough, let me bring it to an end
Trust me I'm not fat

Now I feel the pain, it's my friend again,
Chainsaw starts to run,
All he wants is fun!

11. Iron My Life

You come around ,I close my eyes
Lay on the ground and I'm eating up your lies
So hard I try to fade you out
The only button you have makes yon loud

And now you're on, the tape is running
Your words are crashing down
You know it better, and all your words are gold

Yon hate my friends, and you also hate it when fun never ends
I drink too much, I talk too less
And when I try to do it you give me the rest
You know it better what really matters!
Iron my life !!!
You ironed hard and almost all
But one part of me has survived
I dig a hole, It's just for you
Goodbye, and thanks for all the years

I hear the silence,
I can't believe it
Did my favourite dream came true ?
And now the­re's no one who comes to trie to?

Iron my life !!!

12. I Wonder

First time I saw that Girl, I know that she was
Made only for me, girl of my dreams
And there I stood, in front of her, imaging how sweet our
Love could be
So we started meeting and going out
To restaurants and nice romantic bars
One night it happened, I brought her home
She kissed me and she said we're lovers now
It was a feeling just like fliing to the stars
Or just like driving a new car
I wonder why she's gone away

It was like heaven, so wonderful
My girlfriend, she did everything for me
She washed the dishes, cleaned up the floor
Bought beer for me and so many things more

We were the perfect couple could see
I know she was only made for me.

13. Empty

Can? t you put your fingers out of my nose
Am I to suspect in your way
My minds dead drunk I try to hold your hand
But I can? t overcome myself

I guess I am blind

How did you feel without me
I felt empty and I regret it now

Let me inside - let me inside to dry your tears
Let me inside - let me inside to bann your tears
Let me inside - let me inside I? m on my knees

Have a little faith in me my girl
? cause I? II stay by your side, oh yeah, uuuuh ?mmmmmm.

14. The Night (of Gold)

Riding through the summer night
Riding on my brave new bike
Watch the skies and I'm happy, glad and proud
Pirate cards from underworld
Dusty, grey and very old
Take me to the place I've dreamed of every night

Ten steps right and then I turn around
Eight steps west and saw I? m standing
Right on golden ground

It's the night when I find gold
Smash the spade deep In the ground
It? s the night to find what I have
Been dreaming of
It's the night when I find gold

There? s a chest deep in the ground
Spade makes a metallic sound
Ecstasy is taking control of my whole brain
Pulling out the mighty box
My smile is growing to my ears
My poor bike has to carry tons and tons tonight

Now I? m biking home, a wealthy man
King of the day, and you should know the reason why:


15. Quizmatazz

It's time again, impatience rules my mind
My hands are getting wet, it is the greatest pleasure I can find
I know my number's gonna win tonight
Got my pencil and the leaflet and now everything's alright

A new car, a big house and holidays abroad
Those things I'll be able to afford

One day I'm shure ? I?II win a million or more
Everybody will see that I'm a VIP
All my worries all day will be gone far away
And I'm shure finally I'm the man I want to be

Look, now the wheel of fortune moves again
I'm sitting in my chair while starring very nervous at the screen
There are the winning numbers ? where are mine?
They haven? t come up, damn it, I have lost again this time

There's nothing I am able to afford !

16. In the Bar

I'm is the bar and I'm very rich
I wanna drink and smoke forever
Night of the nights and the king of the drinks
Yeah, it's Captain Morgan breakfast

The pleasure it is mine, I'm pooping in the corner
The atmosphere is wonderful tonight

I order 10 and then a few more
I know it's Monday? that's like Friday
My voice is gone and I? II drink it back
This is the daily routine way

The pleasure it is mine, it? s tasting like a diamond
Here I go, there? s much I have to try

I wanna check it out, beer and wine forever
I wanna check it out ? sickness doesn't matter
Don't wanna leave it out, drinking all is better
Don't wanna leave it out ? bombed k.o. forever !!!

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaa I? m the puking god of thunder!
There's no chair? and as a matter of fact
The world turns upside down.

The pleasure it's mine, I? m lying in the corner
But fast as a Iightning I'm back at the bar
I am a funny guy, so I order Cpt. Morgan
Take the Coke ? and ram it in your ass!
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