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Lookin' Good to Me Songtext

Sexy, brown, brother, sexy, brown, brother

(verse 1)
Said I'm lookin' for brains, good looks and skills
Step on up if you think you fit the bill
I know what you look like but looks can be decieving
Let me tap the brain so I can justify the reason
Why I'm callin' your name in my sleep
Why I memorised the tag number on your jeep
I think your skills is something that I wanna check
Judging by your looks and your thighs when you flex
I been askin' around tryin' to figure what to do
I know all the names of the fellas in your crew
I ain't playin' no game I'm for real
The cards is on the table so I think you know the deal
I bet you if I got closer you wouldn't doubt it
Everything would be clear and not clouded
But I don't want to get deep yet
I wanna make you feel all the love you can get, yeah

You're lookin' good to me
You're lookin' good to me
You're lookin' good to me
You're lookin' good to me (w/ ad libs)

(verse 2)
I gotta come correct, make it clear, state me claim
I want you to know you're drivin' me insane
Now I don't wanna press, but I must confess
That it won't take long 'fore the lifting of the dress
But that's the ways, damn that I know you're fine
Plus I gotta know that you're gonna be mine
But check this out, do you have any kids?
Even though, I gotta say I wouldn't mind if you did
But with the kids comes the ex-girlfriend
And then I wanna know, is she still tryin' to blend?
Cause I ain't one to be fightin' in the streets
Tryin' to duck flyin' bottles every time that we meet (from a dumb ass

So tell me when the coast is clear so I can get near
Fell your soft lips when you whisper in my ear
Cause ain't no reason to hide when you ride
I wanna scream your name when you holding me tight (in the middle of the


(verse 3)
So what's up? Can we do this or not?
I'm ready to give eveything that I got
I'm waitin' on you to make the next move
But I hope you move quick or you're gonna knock the groove
The green lights flashin ready, set, go!
Everything I think you need, yeah you know
Sexy little buggar, heart strings tugger
Tell me where she at cause I wanna thank your mother
I don't give a damn about the rules that I'm breakin'
Step onto your face, straight up with no fakin'
You're killing me softly so I'm pressed for time
Why don't you just say that you're gonna be mine
Cause ain't no other in the world for you lover
And that's what you are, a sexy brown brother
I'm keepin' it real so you know how I feel
Cause I want to be with you and just chill

(chorus till fade...)
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Nonchalant - Lookin' Good to Me
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