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Problem melden

Possessed Songtext

Why stick to all holy customs
Can't you see beyond this game
It's all to keep it alive
And you're the fool to blame

You're raised into burden of guilt
You'll follow or you'll suffer
But open your eyes and look
There's no sign of you're so called saviour

The time is gone for your lord Jesus Christ

We live this way and we always have
The human race, malice and hate
Why hide behind the face of God
When the Devil rules our lives

Possessed by evil
Why deny all that's true
Possessed by evil
All these signs show man's true nature

I am the shepherd among the sheep
The seer among the blind, the thinker among the naive

You reign supreme in your egoism
You remove all those you don't care about
I'm the redeemer and that is the law
So it shall be wtitten, so it shall be done
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Non Serviam - Possessed
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