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Noa - Lady Night Songtext

Lyrics: Achinoam Nini (Noa)
Music: Achinoam Nini / Gil Dor

I walk alone into lady night
She wraps me in her black veils, wraps me tight
Her velvet touch on my weary eyes
Kisses softly
Windy sighs

Lady night in her grandeur flaunts jewels of light
Flirting with sir half-moon,
She shimmies slowly backs-o-mountains
Dips her hair in twilight

Walk alone into lady night
The woman's discreet as a grave, and I know she'll
Want your tears
Lady night's got an appetite
For sorrow liquidated into pearls of light
One by one shell gather them to her breast
Kiss your lowered eyes and bid you rest.

She takes me to her tummy, I clutch her warmth
I know that I am falling
She delves into my mind, brings out my darkest thoughts
To keep her dark from dawning
(I know that's what she wants)

I turn my back to lady night
My mind is clear
My pearls are in her satchel
I've paid my share of blackness to her.

Turn my back to the lady, though she calls
She calls?
But I am going to the dawn
And she can no lon
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