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Who's the Killer Lyrics

Whatever happened to Mrs Malloo
When they found her this morning
She had been shot thru' the head
And with the blood on the bed
The killer wrote 'Good Mourning'

This is a mystery
Next one could be you or me
Who's the killer
Where's the gun

King Kong killer in a tropical thriller
Stepping out of the bamboo (boooh)
Banana bullet will never go through it
So what else could this ape do

This is a tragdey
Edgar Allan poetry
Who's the killer
Where's the

Billy the Kid he wasn't able to hit
The head of poor Mrs Malloo
Bungalow Bill tell us who did you kill
Someone has done it before you

Killer's on the run
He's the lucky one
The killer
The gun
Ooh tequila
Where's the rum
Who's the killer
Where's the gun
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