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Tutti Ragazzi Lyrics

On the backseat of a motorscooter
It's so crazy what I'm doing to her
80 miles on the rocks
It's a kid or a crash

Tutti ragazzi with Italian shoes
It doesn't matter if they win or lose
Together we know what to do as long as you
Keep on dancing
Ekep on dancing

Was it love at first sight
When I saw her that night
Be my lover tonight
Pretty A and B-side

No no bambini for me
Fruiti di mare for you
Pizza margherita
Signorina it's true
Fragen über Nits
Was ist Nits?
Was ist cd m2?
Was ist die Leuchtdichte?
Welche Wirkung hat eine zu hohe Leuchtdichte auf das Auge?

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Album The Nits (1978)

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