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Hands up
He said
If you move a little bit you're dead

I want the [melody?] that you were about to get

They win
I'm in a cellar and I have to stay in

I have to write a song whether it's right or wrong

Here comes the young reporter
In his overcoat
I'm on the tape recorder
In his motorboat
Is he coming in time for me

Click clack
Turn the key
They [have come?] to transport me
I'll get used to music mystery

Black car
Dark street
Red light
High speed
The rope is tight around my hands and feet

Too late
It's done
I'm on a record and I'll have to stay on
It's on the playlist with a little luck it's number one
Fragen über Nits
Was ist Nits?
Was ist cd m2?
Was ist die Leuchtdichte?
Welche Wirkung hat eine zu hohe Leuchtdichte auf das Auge?

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