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4 Ankles Lyrics

Steps on the carpet
Yourp artner is perfect
Steps on the lino
To teach you to tango
It takes two more lessons
Then I got the chances
To meet all the girls who
Are waiting for dances

Put on the blazer
And even my razor said
You got two flat feet
But she will not notice that
She's wearing glasses
Got pimples on her nose
And while we were dancing
She was stepping on my toes

In the dance for four ankles
I was on flat feet bad feet
Step on toes of pretty girls
Step by step the lesson's complete

My cheek and your cheek
My knees and your knees
My hand in your hand
Oh girl can't you understand
That I got the need for
Your feet on my feet and
My hand in your hand and
My cheek on your cheek

Step by step by step by step by step
I take a step
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