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I don't want your love
It's not why I make music
I owe myself, I told myself back then that I would do this
And I always look so out of reach
It just seems so confusing
That I felt my place in life
A young black man it's seems so useless
That I don't want no help
Just let me suffer through this
The world would not know Jesus Christ if there was never Judas
This knife that's in my back
It'd be the the truth that introduced us
And the distance inbetween us
It's the proof of my conclusion
So life is what you make it
I hope you make a movement
Hope your opportunity survives the opportunist
Hoping as you walk across the sand you see my shoeprint
And you follow, til it change your life, it's all an evolution
And I hope you find your passion, cause I found mine in this music
But I hope it's not material cause that's all an illusion
And they all in colusion
This racist institution double standard
Acting like they not the reason we ruthless
Tonight is my night
This is my moment
Feeling bigger than life
But I gotta own it
It's a victory
Let's make history
Look at where I started and look at where I'm standing
Y'all can say it's luck
But I know that it's planning
Shout out to the pain
That gave me understanding
Shout out to my gang
It turned me to a savage
So niggas could say what they want to,
But I go through what they haven't
But it's not ego driven, it's not me boasting and bragging
This road I chose to go down
Hard to slow down when in traffic
In order for me to grow I had to let go of some habits
And it's easy to say I'm on now cause you see it, and it happens
But before it ever did I had to believe and get it cracking
So I'm gon take you back then, 32 shots and my mack 10
With a dream minus the means my early teens was fucking tragic
And deep inside my mind is buried crimes you can't imagine
That I wrestle with the night demons that I fight I can't get past it
So no matter how straight your cash get
It don't matter if you plastic
I was looking for the lights and all we stumbled across was flashes
But tonight...
Bigger than average life
I'm brighter than Vegas lights
Feeling like I can't lose
Any other day I do
It's feels like I'm 8 feet tall
Tonight is my night
For sure, for sure
So if it's meant, than it's gon be
People love it, cause they know it's the real me
The cops hate it, so they hope my homies kill me
But I don't want the fame, I just want y'all to feel me
It's my time, so I'm going in
We ball till we fall, fuck how the story ends
We see these niggas hatin'
I know you hoes plotting
I ain't worried bout it
Cause I know God got me
Say I know God got me
Yeah I know God got me
Yeah I know God got me
See I ain't worried bout it
Cause I know God got me
Once in a lifetime shit you know
Song dedicated to everybody out there with a motherfucking dream
Fuck what they say, do your shit
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Album Nip Hussle the Great, Vol. 2 (2013)

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