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Don't Drink the Water Songtext

Many females wanna be me, sister Nefertiti
Don't, take no mess from no creed nor sex
So, be out my face with that mumbo jumbo bullshit
You comin to me, with
Cause I can sense a serpent from a mile, so I just
Put on my big black boots and start stompin
Cause I can play that crazy bitch, with a uzi clip
And that's just to let you know, that you can't fuck with
My style, so don't even try, I'm the queen of my tribe
My oh my there's a hole in the sky
The government's covering the whole damn city
And when, dark hits the street, it's the mark of the beast
So you better beware, you better beware, uhh
Cause this devil won't stop, straight up like six o'clock
Float like a butterfly, could somebody tell me what am I
To do, if the foot fits the shoe
Wear it well, wear it well, and all of a sudden
Somebody wanna push the button
So who's the man, who's the man with the fucked up plan
Helpin you dig yo' ditch, everytime you take a sip
Don't drink the water

So put your hand on your hip and let your, backbone slip
Busy like a beaver, turn up your receiver and
Don't drink the water man as far as the beach
I wouldn't let that dirty shit touch my feet
Don't need, no excuse to shoot
While I gi-get down, deep into my roots, the truth is
Woody's that don't give a hoot about pollution so
Who you think you foolin with that phony constituion?
Tell it to a child that don't know no better
While the ozone gettin thinner now who's slangin melanin
Down the side, I was born, with a asiatic coat
So the sun don't bother me at all thanks to my father
Fire, water, a few filthy blankets
Put us in them and keep us down, to a minimum
It takes a nation of millions, to hold me black, trillions
Mob through your village, whatever moves, kill it
Sons, daughters, can't see the slaughter
Whatever you do, I wouldn't FUCK with the water
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Nefertiti - Don't Drink the Water
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