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Neal Casal - Cora Jones Songtext

The lights are down low, the snow - it is falling
The streets are all empty; we're heading back home
And everyone is telling their old Christmas stories
But I can't help thinking about Cora Jones

Cora she was as sweet as an angel
She lived for 12 years on a Wisconsin farm
She liked to ride horses and dream by the river
But she loved Christmas the best of them all

Her father spent time chopping logs in the north woods
Her mother worked hard taking care of the kids
They all stuck together, come hell or high water (weather?)
These days that's all that a family can do

One day in September Cora went out bike-riding
She waved to her mother; she waved to her brother
She stopped at the curve just to tell them she loved them
But nobody knew she would never come back home

How can a man take the life of another?
They found Cora down by the side of the road
The newspapers said that they can't find the killer
And where he ran off to nobody knows

The presents are wrapped in their tiny white ribbons
The big tree is glowing - the dogs are asleep
But this Christmas just won't be the same without Cora
And why she ain't with us, I just can't see

In her short life Cora Jones made us happy
She'd light up the whole world with just one smile
So this Christmas I'm thinking about Cora and her family
I hope that someday they will find peace by and by
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