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Ever since I gave you my number boy
You've been blowin' up my pager
Tellin' me this love jones you got for me is major
But I'm not so easily persuaded
Cause I let you meke it
Up to first base
Don't think that you can get to home plate
No not on the first date

Boy you know I think you're fly$I might just give you a try
But you gotta take your time
Get to know my mind
I'm more than meets the eye

Don't wanna push you away from me
Let me break it down boy a to z
If there's gonna be you and me
Then we got to take our time
If love is just a game you do
Then I'm not the girl for you
Please respect the way I feel
I'm just tryin' to keep it real

You've been tryin' so hard to show me
That I won't be just another
Notch in you belt story to tell your homies
If you really wanna get with me boy
Don't be thinkin' I'm just acting coy
Ain't gonna be your little bed toy

You know I don't blame it on you
A lotta girls are just too fast too fast to flow
Gotta let you know
That a gilr me
You gotta work for it
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