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Problem melden

Some day Songtext

Maybe tomorrow we can make a brand new start
Maybe tomorrow we can really get things done
I'll fix the back door, you'll stop that leak that drives us mad
Turn off the TV, change the sheets and clean the towels

There's so much that we really ought to do
Maybe I'll write a list, maybe you'll write one too
Do all those dishes, we'll invite our parents round
Clean the oven, wash the car and hose it down

But right now let's just head on out into the sun
You look great and I feel fine
Spread lotion grab the keys, I like you and you like me
Tomorrow's sun won't always shine
We'll do that stuff another time
There's not all that much to do
And it can wait while I'm in love with oyou

We'll get our acts together just you wait and see
We'll be responsible pillars of society
We'll start tomorrow, next week it's all about to change
Let's buy diaries, let's get a page for every day

One day I'll grow up
Become a morning person
Keep my socks in pairs
We're not putting things off
It's just that we don't care

We'll set our alarms for six a.m.
So we can leave the car and walk to work instead
Cut up our credit cards, throw those cigarettes away
We'll cook our own meals think of all that we will save
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Naked Raven - Some day
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