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Problem melden

Empire Line Songtext

She's out for the day
Time for foul horse play
Behind the catwalk parade

She's into the night
Loves the rush and the high
She sticks it into her toes
So nobody knows,
She's up to the wire

She's selling fascination, sensation
In her Empire line
Sells emaciation, phoenician,
Gia's girl's so fine

She's out for the count
Fashion's too hard to tout
The old heroin chic is out

She's up to her to her neck
The junked out look's out of date
With rings on her fingers
A kiss for a nose
She's turned out a wreck

She's spreading like a flower
The Glamour
Up against the walls
Down the corridors of power
She's seductive, productive
Boris Becker: Neue Zelle, neues Glück
Vor 2 Tagen
Boris Becker: Neue Zelle, neues Glück
Lili Paul-Roncalli: Jetzt meldet sie sich zu Wort
Vor 13 Stunden
Lili Paul-Roncalli: Jetzt meldet sie sich zu Wort

Album Joined Up Talking (2000)

My Life Story
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My Life Story - Empire Line
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