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Let's Get It Started Songtext

(feat. Master P, Mia X, Silkk the Shocker)

[Mr. Serv-On]

I'm a snatch your heart out through your fucking chest
I represent this fucking tank time to bow to the best
Fuck the rest
Nigga don't ask my fucking rank
Will shoot your children in the grave and a pistol in your face now
Tell me what the fuck you think about my bank
We getting bad don't touch these boys on my shoulder
How many times we told ya
We came to get this bitch rowdy
Been bout it
? and the colonel only
Virginia to Denver ready to die with me
So put your guns up
I gives a fuck
So nigga respect when I represent
Let's get it started


Let's get it started
(Bitch I'm a soldier)
(A soldier)
Let's get this mothafucka started
(A mothafucking soldier)

[Mia X]

Nigga what you want huh nigga where ya at
We here to get it started playa haters gone get parted at the wigs you dig
Mama X is the picture with it on her mind
Subliminal lyricals tell ya she ain't lying
My mouthpeice got MC's shivering like a cocked nine
Get on the floor surrender
Before my vocals send ya
To the promise land beg for your ? then call me maam
Cause the only way your shit will survive is if my verbal gun jam
And it won't cause I don't be playing bout my lyric skills
Hit ya so hard your ID pictures gone feel it
The realest gots to be that TRU bitch
From that No Limit click click
Fuck the rhyming nigga its time for gangsta shit
And I'm with it, dumb hoe beaters be pounding
My right left ass whippings I give last to the year 2000
Quiet as kept, I step with soldiers starting it off
Think she ain't mama 4 starred major general of the tank
Let's get it started


[Master P]

H-N-I a head nigga in charge
Techs, Ak's Mc's we living large
Damn it ain't no sucker niggaz bucking on you busters
Got them g's for you busters got them boulders for you
My game is to pull rank and rowdy
11 plus I'm bout it bout it
Nigga down south with the gangers
Slanging g's keep one up in the chamber
Niggaz don't play scream No Limit
Nigga talk shit a million niggaz gone be in him
To your fucking dome, rushing up your home
Fed hits on niggaz that talk shit won't last long
Full metal jackets, grenade cause I'm a ghetto star
My definition of a soldier any nigga that ain't scared to
Go to war



Bitch I be quick to jump something off the mothafucking ride of the
Keep shit at a minimum cause I don't like to hear that shit talking
In other words keep your mothafucking mouth quiet
I represent like fucking flags and I sag like titties
Nigga I don't brag on your ass cause my 44 sag and my dick shhh
Now peep though
Cause I'll drop your mothafucking ass like a 64
Nigga I'm creeping like creep shows
Creep mean sneaking like a mothafucking tip toe
To my slim niggaz ? like a penatentiary mothafucking baller
See I represent my mothafucking ward roll with niggaz that hard
Nigga fuck a bodyguard
Nigga fuck stress I keep them guessing like a mothafucking charade
Bullets fly like grenades
Nigga fuck weapons, next time you better step like berets
Keep my game sharp like a fade
What the fuck you niggaz say
No Limit Soldiers roll tight like fucking braids
Niggaz stay twisted like fucking dreads
Nigga busted ass niggaz get played
Don't try to act fucking brave
Cause I got the best pound for pound like beats
Ask O'Dell, KL, Mo B Dick and Craig B
So lets get ready to fucking rumble
Let me ask you one time for you stumble
Can't stop us or shock us that's why I make your ass fumble

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Mr. Serv-On - Let's Get It Started
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