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Man, What's up wit you baby?
Tired of nigga's out there in this game wanna come up wit this rap shit.
Man, Go on handle your mother fuckin' business Dogg,
Don't let nobody tell you what you can't do nigga,
This your life live it how you wanna live it.
If you wanna drop lyrics, drop lyrics you know what I'm saying,
Handle your mother fuckin' business as long as it's own nigga.
Take it from me Dogg, Know what I'm sayin'? Yeah!
Now, Who in the would ever think 'til they saw?,
This little stoll scroll nigga, We grew up to be raw,
Definitely not y'all.
See I remember when I was broke,
I was a joke, and in this game to hoes there were hope.
Cause I was same ol' nigga just a slimmer wit my dope ways,
Writing away my days,
Hopin' one day the shit pays.
But these nigga's hatin',
My own momma think I'm wastin',
My time chasin' dreams of Rappin' and Rockin' relations.
But mind is open, and I can scoop of what hope is,
Ain't got no time for mopin',
I gots to show that I'm soldier and my reafer chockin'.
Now pushed me to another level,
Got me diggin' like a shovel,
Shake them Hater's off Hubble's.
Never settle lesser, Now my CB is on your dresser,
And you see me better, candy paint wetter,
Who's another?
I tried to tell you but you just ain't listenin',
So when you see mother fuckers keep an '80 for business.
I'm sick tired of it,
Nigga's judgin' on what I'm lovin' I gots no time for it.
Fuck 'em nigga I grab my pen so let my mind flow it,
The more to keep in line, you make grind for it, just so I can Shine For It.
I'm sick and tired of it, now y'all hate you cause I done made it and this mind on it, nigga please, now wit my G's, Put platinum rhyme's on it, oh from the top to bottom, you got your eyes on it, nigga this I con it.
Now that I'm flippin', grippin' hundreds, tryin' to hold me to this stinic, run up on it they want it, tryin' to drag to me to the dungeon, now they bobbin' and they frontin', bendin' low head huntin', once for heat in the summer, who would even give the number, now I.
Flip my game and I done chose my place, in the place where I locate, I came to ball the fuckin' place.
Gettin' upset and talking shit cause I would not shake my wit you, Man what the fuck?, back in the day Dogg, ain't hang wit you.
So dang what say, get the hell up out 'fore I reach out, and put dim in your face, hear me on CD and on TV now we 2 boys from the day.
Naw, nigga thinks not, when I was dyin' and out I was solo on my block, when no nigga's would thier shouts, wasn't no hoes upon dock.
Now from state to state I'm rockin' from state to state they mockin', I told these nigga's I was gonna die in history, not many then but I know it now, All y'all mother fucker's fillin' me.
How you livin' Dogg? What?, bread up in home now, solo in my home now, face up out the zone now, Eldorado's and Don Pablo's, wit fly hoes, wit Pookie, Mike, Montis and Chiefer off in a Tahoe, I play the download.
Cause as hot as shit goes, reclinin' up on low, private escorts to the shows, so be surprised when I you hear noise when rock by, cause everybody that see's me when I'm ballin' be like Hhhhiii.
I freeze frames, with perfect pictures be's rings, teachin' myself now they talkin' bout he sangs, naw man, I desenagrated my game, I left that, fuck penny change and pushin' things where I wept at.
I know a lot of y'all can't handle, I made a choice like a man bro and rock wit Alexander.
I see no other way for me Dogg so fuck it, What's these haters excuse now?, I must got lucky.
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Mr. Lucci - Shine for It
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