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Mono Inc. - Tired of the Day Songtext

There's a trickle of blood here in the bathtub spout
there's a lot of ways in but only one way out
when sadness takes possession of your heart
there's a farewell letter on the hallway floor
written down all the things you couldn't take no more
the lipstick on your face looks so bizarre

slowly I'm falling
deeply I sleep
finally free
I'm so tired of the day
I'm so tired of the sorrow
nowhere to lay my head
nowhere to put my pain
I'm so tired of this life
there's no reason for tomorrow
I don't wanna wake no more
I want to sleep away
There was no river of doubt running through your veins
you had to go right here right now today
cause hopelessness took possession of your life
I couldn't see it come what now it looks so clear
you were a masquerader in the play of fear
you went away before it was almost time

slowly I'm leaving
blithely I dream
finally free
She wrote I gotta get away
I'm not strong
I'm not brave
this is the only way to choose
and at the end she wrote
the place where I will be
will be better for me
Der Mond ist aufgegangen,
Die goldnen Sternlein prangen
Am Himmel hell und klar;
Der Wald steht schwarz und schweiget,
Und aus den Wiesen steiget
Der weiße Nebel wunderbar.

So legt euch denn, ihr Brüder,
In Gottes Namen nieder;
Kalt ist der Abendhauch.
Verschon uns, Gott! mit Strafen,
Und laß uns ruhig schlafen!
Und unsern kranken Seelen auch!

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