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Whatcha Gonna Do Songtext

[Femme Fatale]
You done fucked up with this bitch
Nigga lucked up with mama Warbucks
Left you stuck with the cluck-clucks
No allowin', been down since the brown trench
Chemically imbalanced, no sex and head Alice
Keep it moving nigga, pronto
Before you met me you was John Doe
Tonto A.C. in a Broncho, secrets only I know
Leave the premises lil? man you ain't paid for this
Jerk off and reminisce, drop them keys, you ain't paid for shit

They call me boogie, the way I love 'em and leave 'em
Put some out, and deceive 'em,
Cuz player, you the naive one fucking with college chicks
Or keep em ass bottom bitch
Star like astrologist, so what the problem here
No love loss, for a second played me Santa Claus
Hurt like a man who lost maybe the shit you ran across
Finessed it like the Lord, rock candy you can afford
Manhood reassured, but you went overboard, what?

You cheat, you lie, you made me cry
I don't really like this feeling
Deprived me of sexual healing, oh no
Stayed out all night, you creeped inside
Acting like things is cool
Trying to play me for your fool
Now I'm gonna change the rules

1 - Whatcha gonna do
When I up and leave you
Who's gonna bathe and feed you
Whatcha gonna do when I'm taking no more
When I change the locks to my door
Whatcha gonna do when the well runs dry
Where you gonna sleep tonight
Whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do
When I leave you

You're out time, can't change your mind
Tell me why you made me do this
Baby it was only a test and you failed
No need to ask, you're free at last
Now go on and have your fun
Cause now Mr. Right one is the wrong one
And now you are the gone one

Repeat 1

Tell me where you gonna go
Cause I can't taking no more
What you gonna do
Now that we are through
Where you gonna be
Cause it won't be with me
Whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do

[Rufus Blaq]
You not the average chick, you got the runaway model
I taught you how to use the glass instead of out the bottle
Sip don't swallow, I lead while you follow
Remember "I'm submissive to you daddy" was the motto
I created the chemistry made it all official
I kept it real withcha, down to the bone gristle
Never dissin? you, missin? you, always with you
Get you from the hair salon, people stare at the don

Repeat 1 until fade
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Monifah - Whatcha Gonna Do
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