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Take No Shit Songtext

All these niggas (Break that break)
Talkin' bout they know about pimpin'
They don't know what the hell they talkin' about
Ya know what I'm saying (Jack that trick)
Nigga, I got yo baby mama, in my nigga car
Giving me head shots (Break that bitch)
Get the head then I'm dippin', know what I'm saying (Jack that trick)

Now this goes out to all my niggas, stay fucked up
Suck my dick goes to you hoes that act stuck up
Thinking that I need you, I don't see the fuck how
I didn't need you before so why the fuck I need you now
See I ain't going primetime for nah freak trick
All you are is a piece of pussy and that's about it
Might make me a grip if you don't try to head trip
Spit the legit a bit plus I got the certificate
From Break-A-Bitch College, with the knowledge
My game be polish never tell em' bout the dollars
Keep em' in the dark and far from my heart
But make her play her part, that's what the game taught
So I can mack the millennium, from what I'm giving em'
Baby serve ya purpose so I'ma have to get rid of ya
Figure, she's a role rider, but I got wiser
And took no shit, shine that ho off like a visor

[Hook: The Fedz & MJG]
When them hoes price tag get large
Don't pay em' just break that bitch (Make em' sluts)
When them bustas on the corner look hard
Don't ignore em' just jack that trick (Take his nuts)
When them hoes price tag get large
Don't pay em' just break that bitch (Make em' sluts)
When them bustas on the corner look hard
Don't ignore em' just jack that trick (Take his nuts)

[Bun B]
Nigga, oh yeah I see you still playin' games
On hoes you laying aims
Weighing fames more than the fortune
What is you saying man
Stating it plain and simple, hope your pimples get bust
Mr. Whipple cause you squeezing the Charmin too much and plus
You cussing to loud to really be mad
I can see it in ya eyes, you's a punk ass nigga just like ya dad
It's sad, puttin' hoes in cribs, take em' out to eat lobster
Tying they bibs and can't take care of your kids
Just left ya baby mama man, the bitch is doing horrible
Go see ya lil' girl nigga ya child is adorable
Nah, you's a suck ass, out of luck ass
A penny puck ass, stayin' in mud stuck ass
Nigga go on with ya funk ass
No passes given, sorry asses livin'
None of my clout, say it loud, my click and cash is driven
Me to the point of no return
Have you no con-c-ern
Watch the rubber that we burn cause we learned


Drop down give me the cheese, nigga freeze
Fuck it up, final result triggers squeezed
Watch me while I'm making a dash through the cut
Assassination truck rolled up, blew it up
Making moves, watching my back, third eye
Killers wanna jack but the fact they heard I
Pimp hoes regular hell it's the pimp god
Background reckons to tell us, pimp hard
MJG is the name up in headlights
But take it baby make sure that you read right
Dom Perignon and that Moet will get it tight
Hennesy, I finished the cup up without the ice
It's the worldwide strategy, had it be never known
Before you see the less of me naturally I'ma bone
The shit up out you suckas who's scooting the Vasoline
I'm peeling caps in case and perhaps you looking mean
I'm filling ditches up with them bustas who start to steppin'
You've come for riches but what you get is some hard lessons
Eliminating pitiful haters who hate G
The shit I won't be taking, the shit ain't gon' take me

[Hook x2]
Pietro Lombardi: Neue alte Liebe entflammt?
Vor 6 Stunden
Pietro Lombardi: Neue alte Liebe entflammt?
GNTM-Alex: Sie macht Novalanaloves Buchhaltung
Vor 6 Stunden
GNTM-Alex: Sie macht Novalanaloves Buchhaltung

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MJG - Take No Shit
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