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24 hours Songtext

Unbelievable girl
What have you done to me
You've changed my world
180 degrees

Unbelievable girl
You turned my life around
You picked me up
When I was down

No one no where
No one compares
To you my girl
What can I do
To make you stay
Forever and a day

More than 24 hours a day
Need you by my side
Girl I need you to stay
I never felt before
In the same kind of way
I need you more
Than 24 hours a day

Unbelievable girl
You put a spell on me
Nothing's like
It used to be

Unbelievable girl
You make me feel brand-new
You turn the sky
From grey to blue

I could stay awake
Just to hear you breathing
Wanne hold you so close wanna feel
Your heart beating
I never felt before
In the same kind of way
I love you more than words can say
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Mike Leon Grosch - 24 hours
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