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Angst Ridden Writer Songtext

When I was younger with dreams so vibrant
I had a hunger to built a new means
And now I wonder why the world is so violent
Dragging me under, supressing my dreams

And now the colours of dreams have faded
Disappointments have taken their toll
I'm rearranging with what I am given
Trying to rid this angst from my soul

Science has rid us of wonder
Explained to us in foreign code
And the sceptics tear away at the dreamers
Acid tongues don't talk, they corrode
Have you ever chased a rainbow ?
Others ask: "What's wrong with you ?"
And have you tried to make some changes ?
And have others tried to stop what you do ?

The critic romances the angst ridden writer
As if it's a spice of nobility
To be a seeker of all that's creative
But writers fight angst off through poetry

As you drive along now, how come so many
Songs of desire of mobility ?
Caught in the airwaves, the angst ridden writer
Seeking asylum from uncertainty


One day I felt restless, so I started writing
A song of desire of mobility
Then transformation, my thoughts started changing
Instead of them freeing, they imprisoned me

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Michael Friedman - Angst Ridden Writer
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