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Papa's Got Your Water On Songtext

Say, tell me who's the flapper I see you with every night?
And she's vamped you so hard I'm 'bout to lose my appetite

That's my brown-skin mama, better known as Miss Jenny Wright

I'm going to make you wish you never had been born
I just went uptown, got my gun out of pawn

Don't start nothing, baby, because your papa's got your bath water on

If you don't have me, papa, you won't have no gal at all
And it seem all the women you meet is bound to fall

Now, if you don't agree by my jockeying, you can back your mule up in my stall

Come on, old papa, 'cause mama ain't mad at you
But tell me what make you keep me so worried and blue?

Your daddy's headed straight, mama, but it ain't got his work to do
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Album Memphis Jug Band and Cannon's Jug Stompers (2005)

Memphis Jug Band
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Memphis Jug Band - Papa's Got Your Water On
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