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Meek Mill - Prolli Songtext

I probably be with your bitch, probably in the whip
Purple label on my sweater and its Prada on my kicks
You know you probably on my dick cause I'm probably the shit
And I'm like [?]
Baby I'll give you what you need
You don't need to learn your alphabet to know that I'm a G
Cause we ball 'til we fall spend it just like we print it
Ain't no tricking if you ain't got it
We got it so come and get it

Swag on 100, jewels on bling
Every time I does they know I dos my thing
I'm so fly like without no wings
Got your bitch trying to slide like she on Soul Train
First pop bottles and then we pop models
Husky 550 black lac with the goggles
Shit I got these bitches trying to hit me like the lotto
Cause they heard I'm throwing numbers
Tell me get them then I got them
Got them I'mma get them
My niggas gon' hit them
Change hoes like they clothes
Then everyday I'mma switch them
Cole Hammels I'mma pitch you
My niggas gon' home run them
Strike them three times I probably ain't gon' want them

Lamborghini low I got that Polo on my shirt
I tell that bitch get lost if she ain't fucking on the first
Date, skate, I'm the nigga with the cake
I need a youngin with a wet mouth that love to suck snakes
Crib super big and the whip super fast
I'm a super duper star I need a bitch super bad
I could leave you wet like a mopped up kitchen floor
Big money big boys all we like is big shit
Pockets full of Bisquick, wrist on sick shit
Boss, floss like he fighting gingivitis
Everything I touch turn gold, King Midas

I say Osama to Obama, [?]
A P don't hit her then something was wrong with her
I don't make love to her I fuck her real long dick her
From the back of the back I hit it I'm home with it
Cause I way better than Mayweather
She told me every time I'm in it the pussy way wetter
I trade cheddar
[?], shorty what you sipping on
Patrón got me gone, bitch bad to the bone
Probably with your bitch, probably in the whip
And if I got her on some shit you know she probably sucking dick
Purple label on my sweater and its Prada on my kicks
I got some diamonds on my wrist cause I be flyer than a bitch

Album Nothing But Flamerz (clean) (2010)

Meek Mill
  1. 1.
    In My Bag
  2. 2.
    Im Not a Rapper
  3. 3.
    Hottest In Da City
  4. 4.
    I'm the Sh*t
  5. 5.
  6. 6.
    Fuck B*tches , Get Money
  7. 7.
    Pledge Allegiance to My Swag
  8. 8.
    Money Like a Mufucka
  9. 9.
    Make 'em Say
  10. 10.
    Way Back
  11. 11.
    In My Bag Rmx
  12. 12.
    On the Block
  13. 13.
    We Gettin Money
  14. 14.
    Stand Up Nigga
  15. 15.
  16. 16.
    Willy Wonka
  17. 17.
    I'm So Fly
  18. 18.
    I Be Gettin Money
  19. 19.
    Rose Red
  20. 20.
    In My Bag Autotune (Remix)
  21. 21.
    Im Tryin
  22. 22.
    40 On My Hip
  23. 23.
    I'm Killin Em
  24. 24.
    Want It All
  25. 25.
  26. 26.
    Where They Do Dat At
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