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Love of Money Lyrics

And I done see these bitches do it all for the paper
And I done see this paper turn my dog to a hater
For the love of the money, the love of the dough
For the love of the money, them hoes fucking for sure
And I know, And I know
Who said that money isn't everything?
Whoever told you that they a damn liar
Cause all this money, it can buy you everything
I don't know nothing that money can't buy

I ain't never sinned, I ain't ever crossed over
Gotta go to Panama, I don't want it chopped up
Everywhere I go I'm pulling up burners
The first to get the money, drop some, murder something
Defend this code, the feds all delivering
Yeah, I fuck with Papi, but no, I ain't Dominican
For the love of dividends, spin around the block
I let them know I got it cause he out there round the clock
In the projects jewelry mean you made it
And the body might get you famous
And the key might get you stopped
Fuck with me, I might get you opp
It's no apology, nigga, it's criminology, nigga


And I ain't never jealous, and I don't get emotional
Its all about familia, I do what I'm supposed to do
Talking up boutique sales, tying up the loose ends
Know me from the project, They used to go "yo who that"?
Copped all my mixtapes, you tryna roll up
You heard I was moving shit, wait a second, hold up
Be careful what you say, They tryna get inside, the phones, they got ears
They also got eyes, you know
You break it down and you get a watch
Be breaking down and we get them blocks
Cause if you play around getting guap
We gonna lay you down, get a mop
We sigh, we grind and we here
No, everywhere, every day, ever route
Every smoke that we light and it's on
Lets Go

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Album I Run My City (2012)

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