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She ain't neva seen it
She ain't neva seen a nigga so fly like me
With a swagga so mean in a ride like me
I'm fresh yea I'm a cool dude
I be getting that money them bunnies like who are you
I'm in my bag (I'm in ma)
I'm in my bag (oh ain't I)
I'm in my bag (I'm in ma)
I'm in my bag (oh ain't I)
I'm in my bag (ah ah ah ah ah)

I'm like fresh out the prada bag
Step up in the louie one
Tering in rellin them
We pull up in the gucci one
First you get that money then them bunnies and them cucci come
The Fans Make The Groupies come
You lame prolly do for sum
I come through your hood in that S5 pound
BItches ain't used to see me like see me know me now
Like sheba slow me down
Like shorty slow your stroll
I pop bars soon as I ball hot dog tell em roll
Forty on my neck (neck)
Forty on my Hip (Hip)
Onmy way to forty-forty (shorty you the shit)
Swagga so mean I be all up in the mix
Nigga hatin on my style cause his shorty on my dick
I don't get mad I just get paper
Any nigga can nevr evr say I'm a hater
Cause if he hit mine I'm a just hit your'n
And if he loving the bitch I'm a just get more.

I say
I be in my bag
My niggas be in theirs we hear the party poppin
We poppin like we in there
We prada polo the gear the mommies know that we there
My watch glow in the glear
Prolli flow of the year
I'm like step up in the buildin lookin like a million
My neck kinda freezin so you know a nigga chillin
Everytime you see me I be lookin liek a villain
My pants sagg low so you can see the 9 milli
I'm so hood it don't make no sense
I hear her kick her out like she ain't paid no rent
Patrone got me on that haze got me so bent
I be high to the sky I glide like a rolex
I'm cool (uh huh)
I'm fresh (yes sir)
Chickens like who do (oh that's omelly)
And he next (ah ah ah ah)

I'm like shorty what you talking bout
Go head and walk it out
We pull up in that 5 o'clock
The crew done stole the parking spot
460 elepent hating niggas ball the block
If gettin bitches was a crime
You Niggas prolli call the cops
Cuase I'm killing them
Fresh prince will and them
I be on your block and I be balling like adrenalin
Coppers share their watch time and I can swear I peel on them
Haters keep that spill for them
Cause coppers down like riddle em (riddle em)
Put them in their place they try to jack us
My man gone put that Cheese up on yo head just like a Packer
Them goonies they get all up in yo shit liek a hacker
They pop up at ya crib an dey be after (you)
I be in my bag
I share my swagga (1, 2)
Man I don't even try I just be fly everytime I do it.
Like I do I domt through
Tell your bitch she coming too
She hop up in that wheel that bitch be kickin kung-fu

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