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I wake up goin' get it
yungen on a mission
Cause when niggas was eating they left me to do the dishes
But i'm different
I still put them on, just to show i'm right
I used to be the dark child
But now I glow at night
I keep omelly by my side cuz we both alike
Try and keep a nigga out the field cuz he be throwin' white
Dishin' D
Tryna get rich as me
I'm worth a couple million
man this shit was meant to be
20 gold chains on, shit I think i'm Mr.T
If I could live my life again I wouldn't do it differently
Tryna bring my father back
Just so he could witness me
Back up in my zone, I swear my haters is history
Bitches sayin' they missing me
I never fall for it
Cuz they just miss the money, they know I go hard for it
And if my niggas need it, I tell ‘em come for it
Cuz when it comes to me, they shootin' like a small forward, swish
My life is realer than I can explain
Shootin' out with killers and choppin' em things
Tryna make a killin from rockin the cake
Duckin' from the feds and niggas that dropping these names
They locked me in chains, niggas took shots with my frame
In Killadelphia were bodies be dropping like rain
Where bodies be dropping like rain
In Killadelphia were bodies be dropping like rain
I say that meek shall inherit the earth
So I'ma own this bitch until I'm buried in dirt
I only roll with nigga that'll carry me to my hearse
Blesses for my grandma, she carried me to that church
And I don't know why, I just feel like I'm the one
They label me a victim but now look what I become
Or should I say became, I don't do it for the fame
I'm from where they never make it but I went against the grain
Charges riding against my name, assasination to my character
Life's a bitch, she cheated on me but I married her
Niggas getting murdered, this shit is getting scarier
Dodging all the pot holes, jumping all the barriers
And if she a bitch, I feel like I just got in that pussy
Shorty wanna be a star, that's why she popping that pussy
She trying to win so she hang amongst winners
That's why I take the time just to pray at mom's dinner
Cause I remember, cold nights not the winter
Not the weather, I'm talk about within us
Cause for that money, sins they get committed
And friends they get to splittin', divided just like division
So eryday that I wake up, my undivided attention
It goes to getting that cake up and staying out of the prisons
The system made me stronger
And being broke just gave me my hunger
I'm gone!

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