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40 On my hip
Get hit with all of that, they be like dat's a flamer
Go 'head nigger, get hit with all of dat
They call that ambulance, see your body, den call 'em back
Like call the coroner, that nigga dead
Don't even bring a stretcher for him, bring a bed
They ain't even touch his body
I paint the pavement wit your blood?, blue purple, burgundy red
The nigga's talkin' reckless, they scared
All 'em south gangsta's, they cowards, and call the fed's
How ya'll niggas gonna go against me, the whole north-side know that I'm G
Respect that, and I'mma rep that 'til I D-I-E
To get a pass, you gon' need a ID, to come through
Pussy nigga lookin' sideways like he don't like me
'bout to get aired to the max, like Nike
Nigga shootin' from a block away, and don't incite me
If they wasn't through me, jus' tell 'em come walk up to me
Get hit with all of that, they be like dat's a flamer (4X)

Album Nothing But Flamerz (clean) (2010)

Meek Mill
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    Where They Do Dat At
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