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Midnight Dynamos Songtext


You better beware and you better take care,
When we hit the town tonight
Kick away the blues no time to loose,
Honey, we can make it right
Pretty little thing, how your heart will swing,
Fill it up with pure delight
In a supercharge from the gas garage
Explodin' like a dynamite

We are the midnight dynamo's,
Only come alive when the old moon shows,
We are the midnight, we are the midnight, midnight d.
We are the midnight dynamo's,
So baby get a load of fancy clothes,
We are the midnight, we are the midnight, midnight d.

Hurry on down, pretty mama we're bound
And we're really set to go,
You've never been alive - cut the fancy jive,
Don't you ever tell me no.
Coma-acome-away hear the hot band play,
How they always steal the show.
Gonna wear you out - make you jump and shout,
You won't have the time to blow.


Fis D E
Any place, we're cruisin' people know us one by one
Fis D E
Ready packed for action fun, for all and all for fun

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Album Midnite Dynamos (1980)

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Matchbox - Midnight Dynamos
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