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Problem melden

Detroit Songtext

I wanna know.....who the fuck down wit me?
I wanna know.....unh
I wanna know.....

First Verse:

Would you ride with me, even though it's suicide?
Only deal with the real, can't get with them true lies
Tellin' tall tales to your home boys and them
Chances of me believin' you, boy is slim
Can't trust words with no wisdom
Fuck him!
If you drownin' out here, must not be doin' too much to swim
Bein' down and out is like water in your lungs
Game over, time's up, out of order son
Only greedy muthafuckas get the World
I done devised a plan so tough, my shit's thorough
Only playa muthafuckas get the girls that split the wigs
And only a Mastamind can tell you what time it is


I'm from the D-E-T, R-O-I-T
Where muthafuckas show fear, for nobody
We there, never scared, prepare, yo posse
Muthafuckas still actin' like some hoes I see
Man some of these niggas is bitches too
And some of these niggas look JUST LIKE YOU
All this madness got me sick as the flu
You could be, executed, all the shit you do


Second Verse:

In the middle of the jungle with the wildlife
I'm throwin' a left blow, while duckin' a wild right
In the middle of war, never fatigue
For these, sharks, they'll spill your blood if you ever bleed
Don't be frontin' now, don't be the one eight-hundred dial
Come automatic like a hundred rounds
Only fearless muthafuckas, could look me in they eye
Only warriors survive, and the weak, get eaten alive


Third Verse:

Kickin' wild by my style
Don't cut it down, do it now
I'm a statue of my body and soul, with a food dial
Control the dial, put you up on some game
Man, must I explain?
I want the World like the brain
Don't think I would digest if the city swallowed me whole
With high stakes, think about, the crap I'd unfold
To roll with the wrong clique of G's? Nigga please
Same sucka roll around to try to get the keys
Man, how I'm gone ride with you? Tell the truth
You jumpin' out your skin a nigga yell "Boo"
I'm laughin' at'cha
Mash ya down, the block's passin' ya
I don't need a bitch with a dick for a passenger
3-D, I'm on some parallel level
Wanna see me? Must be a dead Devil
Only crazy muthafuckas fly blind
It ain't time to front, time to rep just like a gang sign

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Mastamind - Detroit
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