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Love Hurts Songtext

There are times you know
That fate is much more stronger
Yet you fight to show
That your love can carry on
But it's hard to see
That all was just a dream
When you have believed it's real
It was never as it seems

And you're praying more and more
One day i'll knock your door
Right now you know for sure
That i've always stayed inside of you

Even love may cry
To know how much i've tried
Your memory is safe inside
I'll see you in the other life
Yeah i'll hold you
And i'll kiss you
I'll tell you how much i miss you
And i'll touch you
And i'll feel you
& you're always in my heart
& Tonight hold on
Baby knowing that i love you
And tonight i'm proud
Of the life that i shared you
And tonight I'll die loving you

Now i know i'm leaving
And with my last breath i'm breathing
I sure hope you're dreaming
That you and i won't stop this love
Holy love is bleeding
And in your name and mine it's believing
Oh dear love i'm pleading
That you guard her safe in life for me

When i'm gone so far away
I'm sure she wished i stayed
Now i'm waiting for the day
Behind this white scarf
It's your face i see
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Masquerade - Love Hurts
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