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And the Crowd Goes Wild Songtext

Ah, come on
Here we go

He was an underdog, a no threat
A Nascar junkie, a rookie, a wannabe
Still wet behind the ears,
A redline revver just jammin? his gears
There are those that are those that ain't
The quickers get stickers, he was nothin? but paint
Chartreuse paint
Big race, now we cut to the last ten laps
Here comes junior sneakin? up from the back of the pack
With fire in his eyes, wavin? out the window as he passes ?em by
The tension mounts, now he's number two
All outta rubber and runnin? on fumes, it's door to door
Outta turn four, he sees those checkers, and he hears that roar

And the crowd goes wild
And the crowd goes wild
You're shinin? like a superstar, baby
And the crowd goes wild

He played the honky-tonks, the roadside bars
A real hum-dinger, a blue-eyed singer
With a red guitar around his neck
Payin? them dues, about starvin? to death
But he told his momma everytime he come back,
?one of these days I'm gonna buy you a big long Cadillac
And get you out of this shack.?
Then he hit the road, frontin? a band
Six long hairs bobbin? up and down in a chevy van
All beat up, he did a lot of givin?, but he never gave up
Then one night he wrote a song
Made a little record, started catchin? on
Now it's coliseum, he's all the rage
The lights go down when he hits the stage

Repeat Chorus (3x)
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Mark Wills - And the Crowd Goes Wild
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