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My Home Town Boy Songtext

Here in the city life, moves so fast
You're in no hurry, you make my moments last
You can take me if only in my mind
Back to the place that I left behind

And i want you my hometown boy

Life is sweeter, whenever you're around
No foolish dreamer, your feet stay on the ground
You look at me and the world spins in slow motion
You hold the key to my secret emotion

Yes I was meant for my hometown boy

You restore my soul like coals bring water on summer days
Like sun beams of gold, your live is pure and light my way
The roads i've taken, lead me to this restless world
When i'm mistaken for a city girl, but your knowing eyes they always see me clearly
I cant disguise how i love you clearly

You'll always be my hometown boy
You'll always be my hometown boy
(You'll always be my) my hometown boy
You'll always be my hometown boy
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Album All in Love (1988)

Marie Osmond
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Marie Osmond - My Home Town Boy
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