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Maybe I didn't leave much between us that day
And maybe I shouldn't have told you I loved you
Played the game, and now I understand
Wish I could have you back
And kiss you soft and feel your hands on me

Til we both break down
Til we both break down
Til we both break down and cry

And maybe I didn't give you your space back then
And maybe I should have just held out a little bit longer
But I was seduced by you, and I didn't know enough
Truly too enchanted to disregard the words you said to make me yours
I need to hold you until we break…

Til we both break down
Til we both break down (I should have known that you were trying to love me)
Til we both break down and cry

My love, imprudently I left every cell in me
So naked, somewhere at the core of you
Bless our souls

Til we both break down (I just need you to)
Til we both break down (Might as well tell the truth about the matter)
Til we both break down (Yes, I guess it's selfish of me to just expect that I'm entitled to have you)
Til we both break down (But tonight all I wanna do is just hold you til we break)
We both break down and cry
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Album Me. I Am Mariah…The Elusive Chanteuse (2014)

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